The best construction companies in Turkey

شركات إنشائية

The best construction companies in Turkey play a crucial role in the advanced and sophisticated real estate industry.

This is evident through modern residential complex projects.

These projects are developed by leading Turkish construction companies, not only within Turkey but also globally, especially in European, American, and African countries.



Toki Governmental Construction Company:


  • Established in 1948, Toki collaborates with private companies to construct housing projects.
  • It focuses on a long-term strategy to provide affordable housing for those with moderate and limited incomes.
  • Key advantages include organized residential complexes, environmentally friendly planning, and reasonable prices.


Emlak Konut Governmental Construction Company:


  • Founded in 1953, Emlak Konut aims to meet demand for residential apartments and contribute to Turkey’s reconstruction.
  • It possesses the largest real estate investment funds in Turkey,emphasizing ethical sales practices and prompt property delivery.
الشركات الإنشائية
الشركات الإنشائية

Ihlas Yapi:


  • Established in 1990, Ihlas Yapi has achieved success in constructing residential complexes, stores, hospitals, and educational facilities.
  • Known for family-friendly spaces, spacious apartments, global construction technologies, and green areas in its projects.


Artas Construction Company:


  • Artas, founded in 1977, is a significant player in the Turkish construction market.
  • It focuses on residential buildings and tourist hotels,emphasizing social concept.
  • quality construction, on-time project delivery, and unique water features in housing complexes.


Babacan Yapi:


  • Founded in 2022, Babacan Yapi quickly established itself in the Turkish construction market. It focuses on energy.
  • construction, and urban development, distinguishing itself with prime locations, unique designs, tall structures, and adherence to specified delivery dates.
الشركات الإنشائية في تركيا
الشركات الإنشائية في تركيا

Conditions for Building Real Estate Projects in Turkey:


  • Buildings designed with earthquake-resistant features, including a solid square connection between roofs and walls.
  • Towers and skyscrapers built on separate foundations with shock-absorbing elements.
  • Strong building joints to absorb seismic forces.
  • Selection of suitable soil types, avoiding loose or sandy soils.
  • Expansion joints and seismic joints in tall buildings.
  • Balanced design to maintain stability during earthquakes.


These conditions ensure the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings, emphasizing safety and stability.


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