The Golden Group’s criteria for selecting real estate projects

أسس اختيار المشاريع العقارية

The Golden Group for Real Estate Consultancy in Turkey was established six years ago and since its inception.

it has been providing a range of real estate services, including advice, consultations, investment solutions, and the selection of residential and investment real estate projects.

that can fulfil buyers’ property ownership goals in Turkey, including projects that meet the criteria for obtaining Turkish citizenship.



Criteria for Selecting Real Estate Projects by the Golden Group:

1-Name of the Construction Company and Its Strength in the Turkish Real Estate Market:

Experts at the Golden Group consider the reputation and strength of the real estate company, whether government or private.

in the Turkish real estate and construction market as crucial factors in selecting a real estate project for marketing and recommendation to clients.

2-Location of the Real Estate Project and Its Importance:

The project must have a prime location surrounded by healthcare, educational, recreational services, highways.

beaches, forests, and proximity to public transportation, making it easy for residents to commute to their daily destinations.

موقع العقار
موقع العقار

3-Quality of Construction and Materials Used:

The project should meet standard specifications in terms of external and internal aesthetic designs, construction quality.

and the use of sturdy materials like iron and cement. It should also include materials resistant to earthquakes and seismic activity, following Turkish government and global construction standards.

4-Legal Compliance of the Project:

The project must have the necessary building permits from relevant authorities, particularly the municipality of the area.

It should be registered with the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate, ensuring a smooth property transfer process for clients without any current or future legal issues.

5-Providing Multiple Options, Spaces, and Types:

The project should offer a variety of residential and investment options, abundant spaces, and multiple apartment layouts.

It should also include essential public facilities like elevators, reception areas, inquiries, parking spaces, entrances, exits, security offices, and surveillance cameras.

6-Quality of the View:

The view from the property in Turkey is not only essential for determining its importance but also for impacting its price.

Beautiful views, whether of the sea, forests, city, highways, or even internal gardens within the project, are favorable criteria for project selection.


7-Adherence to Engineering Plans on the Ground:

One critical factor is ensuring that the project follows the architectural and engineering plans on the ground, including designs.

building placements, spaces, and services.

8-Monitoring Construction Progress and On-Time Delivery:

Monitoring the progress of construction and ensuring timely delivery of properties are crucial to avoid delays beyond the agreed-upon contract date.

9-Price Compatibility of the Project’s Real Estate with Area Prices:

The final criterion is that the prices of the project’s real estate should be in line with the prices in the surrounding area, taking into account the luxurious designs.

construction quality, variety of layouts, services, location, view, and other factors.

جودة البناء
جودة البناء

The Golden Group for Real Estate Consultancy aims to be the primary real estate consultant and roadmap for those interested in property ownership in Turkey.

It seeks to stand alongside clients as advisers and custodians of their real estate investments in Turkey, helping them achieve their dreams and goals.

whether for residence, investment, or obtaining Turkish citizenship through property ownership.

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