Turkish real estate sales rise in February 2024

Turkish real estate

Turkish real estate sales  Thursday, March 14, the Turkish Statistics Authority published its monthly report on Turkish real estate sales.

How many properties did Türkiye sell during the month of February?.

And what are the Turkish cities that sell the most properties?.

How many properties did foreigners buy in the aforementioned month?


Türkiye sells nearly one hundred thousand properties in February 2024:


The Turkish Statistics Authority said in its report:

  • Turkish real estate sales in the country increased by 17.4% last February compared to the same month in 2023.
  • Sales last month reached 93 thousand And 902 properties in various Turkish cities and regions.
  • The report added that the Turkish city of Istanbul came at the top of the cities with the most sales at 16,000 And 344 properties.
  • Ankara followed in second place with 8,300 properties, then Izmir with 5,168 properties.

مبيعات العقارات التركية

More than 170,000 properties sold since the beginning of 2024:


  • The Turkish Statistics Authority reported that real estate sales since the beginning of 2024.
  • It amounted to 174 thousand and 210 properties.


Mortgaged housing sales in Türkiye:


  • Last February recorded the sale of 8,827 mortgaged properties.
  • 49.1% of the total types of Turkish real estate sold.
  • While sales recorded 14,742 mortgaged properties since the beginning of the year.


Other real estate sales in Türkiye:


  • Other real estate sales increased by 35.7% in February 2024 compared to February 2023.
  • The country recorded sales of 85 thousand And 75 properties.
  • 90.6% of total Turkish real estate sales.
  • While sales during the months of January and February during the current year of other properties reached 159 thousand and 486 properties.


Direct real estate sales in Türkiye:


  • According to the report of the Turkish Statistics Authority.

• The country sold 28 thousand And 594 direct properties last February.

  • 21.8% of all real estate transactions.

• The total sales of direct real estate for January and February reached 53 thousand And 857 properties.


Used real estate sales in Türkiye:

  • Used real estate sales in Turkey increased by 15.5% in February compared to the same month last year.

• It reached 65 thousand And 308 properties across the country.

  • 69.5% of the total types of properties sold.
  • The number of used properties sold since the beginning of 2024 has reached 120,000

And 353 properties.



How many properties did foreigners buy in February 2024?


  • The Turkish Statistics Authority revealed that foreigners own a total of 1,846 properties in various Turkish regions and states.
  • This was during the month of last February.
  • 2% of total Turkish real estate sales.
  • Istanbul topped the list of Turkish cities that sold their properties to foreigners during the past month, with 691 properties.
  • The second place went to Antalya with 659 properties.
  • Mersin came third, selling 151 properties.
  • Turkish real estate sales to foreigners in January and February of this year recorded 3,907 properties.

 العقار في تركيا

List of foreign nationalities purchasing Turkish real estate in February 2024:


  1. Russia 395 properties
  2. Iran 200 properties
  3. Iraq 112 properties
  4. Ukraine 105 Properties
  5. Germany 91 properties
  6. Kazakhstan 79 properties
  7. Azerbaijan 60 properties
  8. Afghanistan 47 properties
  9. England 45 properties
  10. United States 43 properties
  11. China 43 properties
  12. Palestine 38 properties
  13. Saudi Arabia 37 properties
  14. Kuwait 34 properties
  15. Egypt 31 properties


  1. Uzbekistan 27 properties
  2. Qatar 26 properties
  3. Algeria 21 properties
  4. Israel 20 properties
  5. Lebanon 20 properties




Turkish Statistical Authority



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