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Contract signing tips

The contract to purchase real estate in Turkey is concluded by the construction company or the seller of the property after agreeing between him and the buyer on the wording of the contract.  property in Türkiye


Real estate purchase contract in Türkiye:

  • The real estate purchase contract in Türkiye consists of several clauses.
  • The rights of the seller and buyer guarantee each other.
  • The contract covers personal information about the seller and buyer.
  • In terms of full name, national number, residence addresses, etc.
  • In addition to items related to the location of the property, its number, and the property number.
  • In addition to the total and net area, divisions, and the number of halls, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • The contract also contains clauses related to the method of payment in cash or instalments.
  • Mentioning the value of the property and method of Conversion, all the way to specifying the delivery date.
  • The seller and buyer sign both copies of the property and then authenticate the originals from the Notary Department.
  • Thus, it obtains the legal characteristic that guarantees each party its right.

عقد شراء العقار في تركيا

Tips before signing a property purchase contract in Türkiye:


There are several points that Golden Group experts advise to invest in Türkiye when signing the purchase contract:

property in Türkiye

1-Identify the nature of the purchase contract:

  • The Turkish real estate purchase contract is the law of the contracting parties.
  • It constitutes a recognized legal document provided that it is authenticated by Turkish official departments.
  • The contract consists of several clauses that guarantee the rights of the buyer and the seller.
  • It also explains their duties towards each other.
  • The injured party has the right to file a lawsuit against the other party in the event of breach of its obligations.
  • The Turkish judiciary will do justice to the aggrieved person if a duly signed and certified contract is presented.


2-Check with the first party (the seller):

  • You must verify, with the help of your real estate consultant, that the first party has the right to sell the contract.
  • The seller is usually either the owner of the property personally or his representative under an agency.
  • The legal advisor will help you verify the right of the first party to conclude the contract with you.


3-Agreeing on the terms of the contract before concluding it:

  • The buyer has the right to request some special items from the seller before concluding the contract.
  • Terms and conditions are agreed verbally or via a “draft contract”.
  • It is then written on the computer and printed in two copies for signature.

property in Türkiye

4-Ensure the legal integrity of the property:

  • The buyer or real estate consultant must ensure that the property is legally sound.
  • That is, visiting the municipality of the area where the property is located and ensuring that there is a building permit.
  • In addition to visiting the nearest branch of the Land Registry Directorate and knowing the status of the property and whether it will granted a title deed or not.



5- Know the difference between the types of title deed:

  • Properties that have begun construction and have not yet been delivered.
  • It is granted by the Land Registry Directorate what is known as the “Easement Registry”.
  • It is a type of title deed granted to buildings under construction.
  • Once the construction work is completed, the easement title deed is replaced by the full deed.
  • It cannot be issued by the Land Registry Directorate except after ensuring that the construction company is committed to the nature of the building and the license granted to it.


6- Check the build quality:

  • Request a review of the documents showing that the property conforms to the technical specifications and construction quality.
  • From using materials resistant to earthquakes and disasters, such as seismic barriers.
  • In addition to quantities of iron, cement, etc.
  • Of course, you must cooperate with an architect in this matter.

نصائح حول توقيع عقد الشراء

7-Ensure that the terms of the contract are compatible with the property:

  • Turkish real estate purchase contracts usually mention the details of the property from its location within the building.
  • The floor number, apartment number, destination, area, number of rooms and their distribution.
  • Therefore, it must be matched with the apartment that you will receive in reality.

8-The presence of a clause on the date of delivery of the property:

  • If the property is under construction, a clause must be included in the purchase contract.
  • The delivery date is stated, noting that Turkish law grants a period ranging between 3 and 6 months of delay.
  • For the entire construction period due to weather factors and emergency reasons.


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