What’s Hotel Apartments in Turkey?

شقة فندقية في تركيا

Hotel apartments in Turkey represent a diverse range of residential and commercial options, including regular apartments, duplexes, triplexes, lofts, penthouses, and hotel apartments.



1-Hotel Apartments in Turkey:


  • These are a type of apartments in Turkey that offer various services such as cleaning, laundry, ironing, transportation, and food delivery.
  • Hotel apartments in Turkey are fully furnished, with the quality and luxury of furnishings varying based on the hotel classification.


2- Advantages of Hotel Apartments in Turkey:


  • Diverse in size, shape, and style, ranging from studio-style (1+0) to larger layouts (1+4).
  • Complete with kitchen essentials and household items.
  • Provide services like reception, laundry, cooking, ironing, cleaning, wake-up services, 24/7 security, and more.
  • Offer various advantages, including:
  • Being licensed tourist facilities and accommodation.
  • Guests in hotel apartments are required to declare their personal information, enhancing security.
  • Rental prices are often divided according to the number of nights the person wishes to stay.
  • Rental prices usually include water, electricity, gas, internet, and other hotel services.
  • Some hotel apartments in Turkey offer additional paid services such as meals.
  • Furnished with household items and daily-replaced linens.
الشقق الفندقية
الشقق الفندقية

3- Factors Determining Prices of Hotel Apartments in Turkey:


Prices for buying and renting hotel apartments in Turkey are determined by factors like:

  • Geographical location.
  • List of hotel services provided.
  • Apartment style, size, and area.
  • Quality of interior and exterior construction.
  • Designs, decorations, and finishes.
  • The brand reputation of the hotel apartments.
  • The investment value of Turkish properties.


4- Differences Between Regular and Hotel Apartments:


Hotel apartments in Turkey offer a high level of luxury and luxurious living, providing comprehensive hotel services.

Unlike regular apartments, they offer services ranging from cleaning to laundry, food delivery, transportation.

security, reception, and more. Additionally, hotel apartments in Turkey are fully furnished with daily-replaced linens.

الشقق الفندقية في تركيا
الشقق الفندقية في تركيا

5- Investing in Turkish Hotel Apartments:


  • Intense competition among hotel apartments in Turkey in terms of designs, construction quality, areas, prime locations, and services.
  • Turkey, being a top-tier tourist destination, provides modern infrastructure and high-quality tourism services.
  • All Turkish cities host numerous historical and natural tourist sites.
  • Hotel apartment investments in Turkey yield high returns, with occupancy rates reaching 100% during peak tourist seasons.
  • Investments are usually in foreign currencies, protecting against the depreciation of the Turkish lira.
  • The stability of the real estate market in Turkey makes property investment, whether in hotel apartments or other types, a profitable and secure opportunity.


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