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A apartment in Istanbul 2024 wide segment of foreigners aim to buy an apartment in Istanbul for many purposes.

such as housing or real estate investment in Türkiye.


Steps to buy an apartment in Istanbul 2024:

  • Some people believe that buying an apartment in Istanbul is a complex process in terms.
  • of the steps that must be taken to complete. the real estate ownership process.
  • They also think about the time required for. this process and fear that it will affect their business.
  • However, this belief is incorrect, as the steps to buying an apartment in Istanbul 2024.
  • are very simple and can be. completed in just a few days.


The first step: Contact Golden Group to invest in Türkiye:

  • The customer can communicate with us through our website or through messages on our pages on social media platforms.
  • Or speak directly with a customer service. representative by calling 00905373539567
  • The client explains to the employee the type of apartment. he wants to buy in Istanbul, its area, the number of rooms, and the area in which he wants to own property.
  • First, the customer service employee. informs the client about the reality of.
  • the Turkish real estate market. in terms of laws, pros and cons.
  • Then he sends him a set of options that are compatible. with his goal of owning real estate in Türkiye.
  • Once the client expresses his admiration for an apartment.
  • a date will be agreed upon for him to. come to Türkiye to move to the next step.

apartment in Istanbul 2024الشقق التركية

Step Two: Real Estate Tour:

  • The Golden Group Investment Company’s services team
  • in Türkiye heads to the airport to receive the client.
  • After the client arrives, he is taken via one of the company’s cars to the hotel that was previously booked.·       On the morning of the tour, after the client has taken some rest
  • the company car arrives at the hotel to take the client to the apartment or apartments that he liked.
  • The sales employee of the Golden Group, Maquette, reviews the project that included the apartment.
  • Then go up to the model apartment if. the project is still under construction.
  • to see what the apartments will look like after completion and see the view.
  • Then the sales employee, accompanied by the customer.
  • takes a car tour around the project’s surroundings to identify. the nearest service centers and transportation to it.



Step Three: Extract the real estate evaluation report:

  • When the decision is made to purchase this or that apartment.
  • the sales employee at Golden Group takes. the initiative to obtain the real estate evaluation report.
  • This report determines the real value of the property and not the number requested by the seller.
  • It is considered a necessary document for transferring. ownership that cannot be done without it.
  • It is requested through the “Web Tabu” website, either through a licensed.
  • company or a committee from the Tabu.
  • The authority authorized to issue the report goes to the property to study
  • it and extract the report according to several criteria, including location, construction quality.
  • and the price per square meter of real estate in the area.

apartment in Istanbul 2024 

Fourth: Concluding a contract to purchase an apartment in Istanbul:

  • The contract for purchasing an apartment in Istanbul is written on the computer and printed on a copy.
  • The contract includes several clauses that guarantee the rights of.
  • the seller and buyer towards each other.
  • It covers the specifications of the apartment, its area, the number of rooms.
  • and the electrical equipment that will be delivered with it.
  • In addition to the apartment price, payment method (cash or installments), and all other details.
  • The real estate purchase contract in Türkiye. is concluded in Turkish and English.
  • and the customer can request its translation. into a third language or use a translator.
  • The Golden Group sales employee explains. the terms of the contract to the customer. before signing it.
  • The seller and buyer then sign both copies of the contract. and have it authenticated by the Turkish notary.


Step Five: Converting the value of the property into Turkish Lira:

  • The buyer must sell his foreign currency to.
  • the Central Bank of Turkey equivalent. to the value of the property.
  • And exchange it for local currency through an intermediary bank.
  • Then transfer the value of the property in Turkish Lira exclusively to.
  • the seller’s account via the same intermediary bank.

العقارات التركية

Step Six: Transferring Real Estate Ownership:

  • Once all previous stages have been. completed and the required papers for.
  • transferring ownership have been obtained, including the evaluation. report and bank receipts.
  • A prior appointment is scheduled with the Land Registry and Real Estate Survey Directorate in Türkiye.
  • In the event that the seller or. buyer is unable to attend in person.
  • an individual or institution shall be appointed to conduct the ownership transfer transaction.

The power of attorney is made through a legal agency procedure. with the Turkish notary whose powers are limited.

On the day of the appointment, the seller and buyer, or the representative of one or both of them

go to the Land Registry Directorate to transfer real estate ownership.

The title deed employee asks the buyer to pay the 4% real estate.

title deed fee after reviewing the validity of the papers.

Once the fees are paid, the employee gives. the buyer a real estate title document

which means legally transferring ownership of the property to his name.



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