Establishing a company and owning real estate in Türkiye 2024

Buying a property in Türkiye

is substantial. Turkish laws allow foreigners to establish various types of companies, such as joint-stock companies, partnerships, and limited liability companies.

This enables them to engage in diverse commercial activities, including buying, selling, importing, exporting, and contributing to Turkey’s economic development.


Documents required to establish a company in Türkiye:

  • To initiate the company establishment process in Turkey.
  • investors need specific document. including a translated.
  • copy of their foreign passport, an entry stamp to Turkey.
  • a notice of depositing at least 25% of the company’s capital in a Turkish bank.
  • and a tax number obtained from the Turkish tax authorities.

تأسيس الشركات في تركيا

How to establish a company in Türkiye?

  • The process involves drafting and authenticating the company’s articles of association, opening a company bank account.
  • depositing the required capital, and submitting the original articles of association to the commercial registry office.
  • Investors then obtain a license from the Turkish Chamber of Commerce to officially commence their company’s authorized activities.


What is the relationship between establishing a company and real estate ownership in Türkiye?

  • The relationship between establishing a company and real estate ownership in Turkey is beneficial.
  • It grants the company the ability to own various types of real estate for commercial purposes, including residential properties.
  • Notably, the Turkish Parliament has exempted certain foreign nationalities from direct real estate ownership, but these individuals can legally establish companies.
  • enabling them to own real estate through their registered entities.

التملك العقاري عبر تأسيس شركة

Important notes about establishing companies in Türkiye:

  • However, it’s essential to be aware that if a foreigner, prohibited from direct real estate ownership.
  • decides to close their company and terminate business activities in Turkey, they must settle the company’s affairs. This includes selling any properties.
  • registered under the company’s name to Turkish or eligible foreign citizens.


Turkish citizenship through establishing a company and owning real estate:

  • Regarding Turkish citizenship, owning real estate through a company does not directly lead to citizenship.
  • Foreigners restricted from real estate ownership can explore alternative investment routes, such as employing Turkish workers, making significant financial contributions
  • or purchasing government bonds, to be eligible for Turkish citizenship, provided they maintain these investments for a minimum of three years.

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