Government Facilitation for Foreign Investors in Turkey

الاستثمار في تركيا

The Turkish government continually provides facilitations for foreign investors by enacting laws and regulations.

eliminating bureaucratic obstacles, and supporting investments across various economic sectors.

These measures aim to help foreign investors develop and enhance their investments in Turkey, achieving both short-term and long-term financial goals.



Government Facilitation for Foreign Investors:


  • The Turkish government, represented by economic, investment, and trade-related institutions.
  • consistently updates and improves laws to encourage foreign investors. This helps streamline processes, remove obstacles.
  • and establish attractive laws to promote and enhance the investment environment in Turkey.


Turkish Law’s Treatment of Turkish and Foreign Investors Alike:


  • One significant government facilitation is the non-discriminatory treatment of Turkish and foreign investors.
  • This simplifies procedures, removes obstacles, and introduces appealing laws to create a favorable investment environment.


Abolishing Reciprocity Laws Regarding Property Ownership:


  • In 2012, the Turkish Parliament abolished reciprocity laws concerning property ownership, allowing citizens of 183 countries to buy various.
  • types of Turkish properties, including residential, commercial, tourist, and hotel properties, in different states and regions.
التسهيلات الاستثمارية في تركيا
التسهيلات الاستثمارية في تركيا

 Removing Bureaucratic Hurdles for Foreign Investments:


  • The Turkish government has eliminated unnecessary approval, permit, and license requirements.
  • retaining only easily obtainable papers and permits. This simplifies the investment process, ensuring a quick start.


Tax Reductions and Exemptions Specifically for Foreign Investors:


  • The government has reduced and introduced tax exemptions for foreign investors, particularly exempting.
  • them from value-added tax under certain conditions. Additionally, in areas designated for urban development and rehabilitation.
  • there are exemptions from title deed fees, encouraging property ownership in various regions of the country.


Granting Real Estate Residency to Foreigners in Turkey:


Foreigners can obtain short-term real estate residency in Turkey by purchasing property valued at no less than $200,000.


Granting Turkish Citizenship to Foreigners through Various Investment Avenues:


The Turkish government facilitates the granting of Turkish citizenship to foreigners through several investment avenues, including:


  1. Purchasing property worth at least $400,000, with a commitment not to sell for three years.
  2. Depositing $500,000 for three years without withdrawal.
  3. Buying government bonds worth $500,000, keeping them for three years.
  4. Depositing $500,000 in the individual pension fund and maintaining it for three years.
  5. Establishing a company, employing 50 Turkish workers, and not laying off any employees for three years.
  6. Purchasing $500,000 worth of shares and holding them for three years.
الاستثنمار العقاري في تركيا
الاستثنمار العقاري في تركيا

The Turkish government continues to support foreign investors through various means, especially by further granting.

Turkish citizenship after the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections. This aligns with Turkey’s Vision 2024.

and the Vision of Turkey’s Century, integrating international investors into Turkey for the Republic of Turkey’s second century.


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