Reasons for Preferring Real Estate Investment over Other Investments

Real Estate Investment

Investment in Turkey is active in eight main sectors, which are the most common economic sectors. However, real estate investment in Turkey takes the lead in attracting and appealing to both local and international investors. 

Investment Sectors in Turkey:

The most common investment sectors in Turkey include:

  1. Real Estate Investment
  2. Industrial Investment
  3. Commercial Investment
  4. Tourism Investment
  5. Educational Investment
  6. Healthcare Investment
  7. Agricultural Investment
  8. Animal Production Investment 

Reasons for Preferring Real Estate Investment in Turkey Over Others:

There are several reasons and motivations that attract foreign investors to the real estate investment sector over other investments. These reasons include:

Real Estate Investment
Real Estate Investment


Capital Preservation and Property Value:

Real estate investment in Turkey provides a safe investment option, as property prices tend to remain stable or increase over time when adhering to standards and advice. In contrast, other sectors, especially industrial and commercial, carry significant financial risks that can result in substantial losses.


Development of the Turkish Construction Market:

In recent years, the Turkish construction and real estate market has seen tremendous growth and development. It competes globally in terms of construction quality and architectural designs, making it an attractive option for investors.


Ease of Real Estate Investment Without Obstacles or Competitors:

The Turkish real estate market is open to more investors without intense competition from other investors.

It allows opportunities for new entrants, unlike other sectors where competition can be fierce.


Minimal Need for Extensive Expertise in Real Estate Investment:

Entering the real estate market in Turkey requires minimal expertise, making it accessible to a wide range of investors.

In contrast, other sectors may demand extensive experience, and a lack of expertise.

can lead to significant financial losses.


Tax Reductions and Exemptions on Turkish Real Estate:

Investors in Turkish real estate can benefit from tax exemptions and reductions.

such as Value Added Tax (VAT) exemptions for specific conditions. Some Turkish municipalities even offer complete tax exemptions on property transfer fees to attract more buyers.


Residence Permits for Real Estate Investment in Turkey:

Turkey offers residence permits to investors who purchase real estate valued at $200,000 or more. This provides an added incentive for real estate investment in the country.


Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Ownership:

Investors can apply for Turkish citizenship by purchasingreal estate worth at least $400,000.

and committing to hold it for three years. This pathway to citizenship is highly appealing to many.


Diverse Real Estate Investment Options in Turkey:

Real estate investment in Turkey offers various investment durations, from short-term to long-term, and allows investors to choose between resale or rental strategies.


Variety of Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Turkey:

Investors can choose from a wide range of property types, including completed properties.

 off-plan properties, residential units like apartments and villas.


Favorable Laws and Regulations for Real Estate Investment in Turkey:

Turkish laws and regulations are continuously updated to serve the interests of foreign investors.

These laws aim to minimize obstacles to property ownership and investment initiation.


These reasons make real estate investment in Turkey a top choice for both.

local and international investors, and they contribute to the growth and development of the Turkish real estate market.

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