Why Invest in Turkey 2024?

الاستثمار في تركيا

When we see thousands of investors flocking to Turkey each year to start their investments and trade, an important question comes to mind: Why Turkey? What are the factors and advantages that make investing in Turkey so appealing?


General Concept of Investment:

  • Investment, in general terms, is a type of business that typically requires substantial capital and has the potential to yield profits in line with the allocated budget.
  • It can involve various economic sectors, which vary from one investment destination to another, and profits depend on multiple conditions and factors.


Investment in Turkey:

  • Turkey opens its doors to foreign investors, thanks to its advantages and attractions, encouraging international investors to come to Turkey.
  • and establish investments in various economic sectors in a country with numerous advantages and incentives.
  • which can generate high investment profits that meet the ambitions and satisfaction of investors and encourage them to introduce more investments.
الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا
الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا

Reasons for Investing in Turkey:

  • Several reasons serve as incentives for foreign investors to come to Turkey and initiate their investments. Some of the most prominent reasons include:
  • Turkey’s strategic geographic location, bridging Asia, Europe, and Africa, and its numerous trade ports, making it an economic hub.
  • Turkey’s proximity to and strong connections with both Arab and European countries, which facilitate trade and investment.
  • The strength and diversity of the Turkish economy, along with the quality of Turkish industries and commerce, form the core of investment in Turkey.
  • The population diversity and high demand for daily needs, including housing and various industrial and commercial products, stimulate several economic sectors.
  • Turkey’s membership in the G20 economic group as one of the world’s major economies.
  • The high air traffic in Turkish airports and the opening of new airports to accommodate the large influx of travelers to and from Turkey have increased the importance of investing in Turkey.
  • The vital developmental projects within the framework of Turkey’s Vision 2023 and the “Turkish Century” vision by the Turkish government attract more foreign investors, as they contribute to the rising investment value of the country through these government projects.


Advantages of Investing in Turkey:

  1. There are numerous advantages for international investors in Turkey, which further increase their interest in investing in Turkey. Some of these advantages include:
  2. Government laws and facilitations that grant investors tax reductions and exemptions, reducing the cost of investment and increasing profits.
  3. Buyers of Turkish residential properties are eligible for a residence permit under certain conditions, facilitating travel to and from Turkey without the need for a visa each time.
  4. Investors in various fields in Turkey can acquire Turkish citizenship, provided they retain their investments for at least 3 years.
  5. Investment in Turkey yields profits ranging from moderate to excellent, depending on the type of investment, its conditions, and its terms.
  6. The diversification of investment sectors in Turkey opens doors for investors, thanks to the strength of Turkish industries, especially the real estate sector, in addition to trade and tourism.
  7. Turkey is on track to become a member of the European Union, following recent progress on this matter. This possibility could soon lead Turkey to adopt the Euro currency.
الجنسية التركية
الجنسية التركية

Types of Investment in Turkey:

Investment types in Turkey vary, including real estate investment, industrial investment, commercial investment, touristic investment.

educational investment, healthcare investment, agricultural investment, and animal production investment. Each type has its own benefits, conditions, and regulations.

Investing in Turkey is undoubtedly a wise decision, serving as the nucleus for profitable trade in various economic sectors in Turkey.

We recommend that investors seize the opportunity to enter the Turkish real estate market and take advantage of its diverse benefits.

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