Bakirkoy in Istanbul .. the most beautiful and luxurious coastal line


Bakirkoy in Istanbul

General location:

  • Bakirkoy in Istanbul region extends.
  • on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara.
  • On the most beautiful and luxurious coastal.
  • line ever, on the European side of Istanbul.
  • specifically in the center and south of the city.
  • surrounded by the following areas:
  • Kucukcekmece and its famous lake
  • Avcılar
  • Zeytinburnu
  • Basaksehir
  • Beşehli Evler
  • Marter
  • Bakirkoy’s location constitutes an important
  • point in movement between the suburbs and centers of Istanbul.
  • Bakirkoy is about 25 minutes away from the Fatih area by car.

منطقة بكركوي


neighborhoods :

Bakirkoy district consists of 15 neighborhoods, the most important of which are:

  • Florea.
  • Yeşil Yurt
  • Atakoy.
  • Marina.

These neighborhoods are witnessing significant government interest in rehabilitating their roads.

opening new streets, and adding health, educational, and recreational centers to them.

Bakirkoy in Istanbul


Health and medical:

  • The district municipality in particular and the Greater.
  • Istanbul Municipality in general are.
  • interested in Bakirkoy’s service situation.
  • It works hard, in cooperation with the relevant.
  • ministries, to raise the level of services provided.
  • Among these services, health centers.
  • stand out, including hospitals, dispensaries.
  • and medical points, including:
  • Bakirkoy Governmental Hospital.
  • Osmaniye Hospital (Bakirkoy Clinics).
  • Acıbadem Private Hospital.
  • Dunya Goz Hospital.
  • Professor Dr. Murad Dilmener Hospital
  • In addition to being close to Memorial International Hospitals.
  • and the Medical City in Basaksehir.


Education and study:

  • Bakirkoy Anatolia High School
  • Bakirkoy Guzel Santlar School
  • Incirlik Ahmed Hamdi School
  • Altinbas University
  • Atulya Educational Centre
  • Kulture University
  • Atakoy School
  • Mohadeen Primary School
  • Eileen Cottel School
  • Al-Ikhlas International Schools.
  • Al Safir International Schools
  • Al-Yasmine International Schools.


Public Transport:

  • Atakoy Sirin Evler Subway Station
  • Yeni Bosna Subway Station
  • Metrobus Florya Station
  • Yeşilköy sea bus station
  • Bakirkoy metro station
  • Bakirkoy Ingerli Metro Station
  • Bahçelievler Metrobus Station


Shopping and entertainment:

  • Ataturk Florya Forest
  • Marina Florya
  • Floria Corniche and coast
  • Aqua Florya Mall
  • Children’s games city
  • Yesilkoy Beach
  • Ronnie’s tea garden
  • Yesilyurt Sports Club
  • A PLUS Shopping Center
  • Marmara Forum Mall
  • Land International exhibitions CNR
  • Mol Flainen
  • Military Aviation Museum
  • Florya Bazaar
  • Sinan Dream Stadium·
  • Kappa City Shopping Center


Living in Bakirkoy in Istanbul:

  • Bakirkoy is characterized by high-quality.
  • infrastructure and includes various health, educational.
  • recreational and service centres.
  • In addition to its location, which puts Istanbul.
  • at your fingertips and makes it easy to.
  • move between its regions via various means.
  • of transportation and in just a few minutes.
  • This has contributed to attracting construction.
  • companies that sought to provide all types.
  • of residential and commercial
  • Apartments, villas, offices, and shops, and providing them.
  • with social, security, entertainment, and smart services.
  • Most of its apartments have natural views of.
  • the Sea of ​​Marmara, Kucukcekmece Lake, and the city.

Bakirkoy in Istanbul

مواصلات بكركوي

Advantages of real estate investment in Bakirkoy in Istanbul:

  • Real estate prices in Bakirkoy are high.
  • due to the centrality and beauty of the area.
  • The investment value of Bakirkoy real estate.
  • has increased steadily in the last ten years.
  • Construction companies provide investment options for leasing and resale.
  • The presence of multiple apartment types and.
  • unique models of offices and shops, which increases the demand for them.
  • A service, educational and university reality that.
  • has attracted Turkish, Arab and foreign students to study.
  • and live in the region and thus the constant need for housing for them.
  • Various Arab and foreign nationalities are flocking to Bakirkoy.
  • and requesting housing and commercial real estate there.
  • The commercial reality of malls, companies and.
  • factories in Bakirkoy has increased the demand for real estate of this type.
  • Bakirkoy real estate prices are low compared to real estate.
  • prices in Istanbul centers, despite the proximity to them.
  • Sea views of most properties and extensive services.
  • that save residents from leaving the residential complex.
  • The quality of construction, the ingenuity of the design.
  • and the buildings’ inclusion of seismic barriers against earthquakes.
  • Rents in Bakirkoy increase and their value rises annually.




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