Kagithane in Istanbul .. Real estate development and rehabilitation

Kagithane Istanbul

Kagithane in Istanbul

General location:

  • It is located on the European side of Istanbul.
  • It is characterized by its location in close proximity to the centers of Istanbul, such as the areas of “Sariyer, Sultan Eyup, Besiktas, Sisli, and Beyoğlu.”
  • It also located in the middle of the road connecting the Belgrade Forest in the north, and the Golden Horn Bay and the Sultan Eyup Mosque in the south.
  • And what is striking is that only a few minutes by car separates us from Taksim Square, Istiklal Street, and the historic Fatih area.
  • The importance of the region is increased by its location directly on the E-80 international road.
  • and its proximity to the Bosphorus Strait and its second bridge (Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror).
  • It has an area of ​​16 km2 and includes 19 neighborhoods, the most important of which are:
  • Chile Tepah.
  • Wishes of hope.
  • Hurriyet Mahlesi.
  • Hamidia Mahlesi.


Kagithane in Istanbul

reason of calling:

  • The reason why Kagithane was given this name is due to the presence of an ancient paper factory there.
  • Its establishment dates back to the beginning of the Ottomans’ entry into the city, meaning.
  • the fifth century in the second millennium, around the year 1460.
  • It means paper factory in Arabic, and in the past it was a small village, affiliated with.
  • the Shilshi District until it was separated and turned into an independent municipality in 1987.

منطقة كاغيت هانة


  • The region is known as the capital of urban development and reconstruction in Turkey.
  • and is distinguished by the quality, modernity and development of its infrastructure at all levels.


Health and medical:

  • Kagithane State Hospital.
  • Levent Physical Therapy Hospital.
  • Okmedan Dental Hospital.
  • Dirin Derry Hospital.
  • Hilal Private Medical Center.
  • Iga Surgical Center
  • In addition to more than 22 clinics and about 40 pharmacies.


Education and study:

  • Istanbul Atlas University.
  • Gulf University (College of Medicine).
  • Ozyaghin University.
  • The area is also surrounded by many public and private universities, especially in Beyoglu and Sisli.


Public Transport:

  • The region maintains an important transportation node.
  • It facilitates transportation to and from all European and Asian regions of Istanbul.
  • Among the most prominent means of transportation are:
  • Metrobus Cağlayan Station.
  • Levent, Sanayi, Seyrantepe subway.
  • The newly established M7 metro, which connects the Kabatash and Mahmoud Bey areas.
  • also passes through the area, in addition to public buses of different sizes.


Shopping and entertainment:

  • Access Mall.
  • Al Safir Tower.
  • Cağlayan Mall.
  • Efim Mall.
  • Birkett Mall.
  • Nihir Mall.


Urban development and reconstruction:

  • The region has gained great importance in the last decade.
  • After the municipality moved to develop its infrastructure and complete reconstruction.
  • Starting from improving and maintaining its historic riverbed, through opening new roads and metro stations, to completely reconstructing and planning the area.
  • It is noteworthy that the municipality of Kagithane encourages real estate ownership and investment in it.
  • by exempting property buyers from title deed fees, which are set at 4% of the property value.

Kagithane in Istanbul

كاغيت هانة

Advantages of living and Housing in Kagithane, Istanbul:

  • It connects the nature (Belgrade Forests).
  • and the city centers (Taksim and Sisli).
  • whole new area where no a place for old buildings.
  • Sagging, but for modern residential complexes.
  • Close to the Bosphorus Strait and the Asian side.
  • A distinctive, lively location in the middle of Istanbul’s European regions.
  • A remarkable urban development witnessed.
  • in recent years, including modernization of infrastructure.
  • repair of the river course, and development.
  • of roads, alleys, streets, and means of transportation.
  • Years ago, cultural transformation plans began.
  • to invade the region, and many residential, commercial.
  • and service complexes with advanced features were built there.
  • It has many natural gardens and parks.
  • which give it natural beauty and a moderate climate.
  • The great government interest it has received.
  • since 2007 until today, and the rapid and.
  • amazing development in all sectors of life and investment are noted.


Reasons to buy an apartment in Kagithane:

  • The region’s high level of luxury.
  • A strategic and upscale location among.
  • the most prestigious neighborhoods in Istanbul.
  • Competitive real estate
  • Strength of infrastructure.
  • The beautiful nature and stunning views found in every corner
  • The presence of upscale residential complexes
  • equipped with the best ideal services and features.
  • that help you settle in and live in comfort and reassurance.

Kagithane in Istanbul


Real estate investment in Kagithane, Istanbul

  • All the economic factors for the success.
  • of real estate investment are available in it.
  • which has become competitive with the major.
  • investment areas in Istanbul in recent years.
  • Thanks to its selection on the list of the Istanbul.
  • Municipality for real estate development and reconstruction.
  • with the aim of expanding the city centers of Istanbul.
  • which have become densely populated.
  • Real estate development and redevelopment.
  • of the area will attract more construction.
  • companies and real estate investors.
  • Especially since it exempts investors from real estate.
  • title deed fees, which facilitates and encourages real estate ownership there.

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