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Beykoz area

Beykoz Location:

  • Beykoz, located in Istanbul, is renowned for its serene beauty, historical significance, and low population density.
  • Situated between the Bosphorus Strait and the Black Sea, it offers a tranquil living environment surrounded by vast natural landscapes.
  • making it a preferred residential and investment destination.


The importance of Beykoz:

  • Known as a haven for those seeking refuge from city noise, Beykoz boasts extensive forests and historical landmarks. Its name is derived from Turkish and Persian words.
  • symbolizing authority and village. The area is a historical retreat for Ottoman sultans and princes, evidenced by landmarks like.
  • the hunting lodge in Kucuksu and water facilities.
  • With a mild to cool winter and warm summer, Beykoz benefits from its geographical location, nestled between the Black Sea and the Bosphorus.
  • Its low population density, around 248,595 residents, is attributed to the preservation of extensive green spaces by municipal efforts.


Infrastructure in Beykoz:

  • Beykoz offers a range of amenities, including healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and efficient public transportation.
  • The region is home to government and private schools, international schools, and Beykoz University.
  • Public transport includes buses, connecting the area to major transportation hubs like the Bosphorus bridges and E-80 international highway.
  • Tourist attractions in Beykoz include historical sites such as the Hill and Tomb of Prophet Joshua, Beykoz Central Glass and Crystal Museum.
  • Polonezkoy Zoo, Ibrahim Pasha Inn, and Beykoz Central Mosque.

أهمية بيكوز

Real estate and investment in Beykoz:

  • The real estate sector in Beykoz has seen a surge in construction, with companies focusing on residential complexes, villas, and modern architectural designs.
  • Purchasing property in Beykoz is attractive for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle amid nature.
  • The region also presents lucrative investment opportunities, especially in tourism-related real estate, attracting local and foreign investors aiming.
  • to capitalize on the summer influx of visitors to the Black Sea shores and Asian forests.


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