Real Estate Investment in the Turkish City of Antalya


The city of Antalya is one of Turkey’s major cities that boasts a robust real estate market and sophisticated property investment opportunities.

attracting both Turkish citizens and foreigners alike. They aim to take advantage of the benefits offered by investing in this thriving market. Here’s what you need to know:



Antalya Turkey:

  • Antalya is often referred to as the capital of Turkish tourism due to its location in southern Turkey along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Its mild climate throughout the year makes it a preferred destination for tourists, especially those from European countries.
  • Antalya’s status as a tourist haven has significantly impacted the Turkish real estate market, particularly in the hotel and tourism sectors.
  • This boost was concurrent with the introduction of Turkish laws and government incentives related to real estate investment for foreigners.

الاستثمار في أنطاليا

Urban Development in Antalya:

  • The Turkish government, including ministries, authorities, and municipalities like the Greater Municipality of Antalya and its subsidiaries.
  • is committed to developing the urban landscape of Antalya. This involves constructing more service buildings, residential and commercial complexes, hotels, and tourist resorts.
  • Contractors are continuously encouraged to undertake projects that contribute to Antalya’s urban development, which has been ongoing for several years.


Infrastructure in Antalya:

  • In conjunction with urban development, Antalya offers numerous government, Arabic, and international schools.
  • hospitals, clinics, public transportation networks, shopping centers, and entertainment options. Additionally.
  • Antalya continually updates and enhances its tourist infrastructure, including beach organization, planning, and the establishment of more resorts, restaurants, cafes, and hotels.
  • to cater to millions of annual tourists.


Economic Growth in Antalya:

  • Thanks to its significance in tourism, trade, and agriculture, Antalya experiences substantial economic growth.
  • This growth has played a significant role in the city’s demographic evolution, attracting labour forces, investors, and business professionals from both within and outside Turkey.
  • Consequently, the demand for residential, industrial, and commercial properties in Antalya has risen, leading to an increase in property prices compared to other Turkish cities.


Real Estate Market in Antalya:

  • The Turkish parliament passed a law in mid-2012, allowing most foreign nationalities to own properties in Turkey regardless of the principle of reciprocity.
  • This legal change sparked a real estate revolution in Antalya, invigorating its real estate sector in terms of construction, transactions, and investments.
  • European tourists, seeking to own a place for their yearly stays in Turkey, particularly found their match in Antalya’s modern designs, construction quality.
  • services, and proximity to the city’s beaches and attractions.
  • Among the prominent buyers of Turkish properties in Antalya are Russian, British, Ukrainian, and German citizens who appreciate Antalya’s contemporary property designs.
  • construction quality, available services, and its proximity to the city’s beaches and tourist attractions.

الاستثمار العقاري في أنطاليا

Key Factors for Successful Real Estate Investment in Antalya:

To achieve a successful real estate investment in Antalya and secure profitable returns, several factors must align:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive analysis of Antalya’s real estate market, considering supply and demand dynamics, short-term and long-term expectations, and property types and expected returns.
  2. Collaborate with real estate experts and consultants with extensive experience in the Turkish real estate market. They can provide insights into property ownership laws in Turkey, pros and cons, property acquisition costs, Antalya’s real estate landscape, prime property listings, and distinctions between residential and investment areas.
  3. Perform an extensive economic study on Antalya’s property prices, allocating an appropriate budget for property acquisition that aligns with expected investment returns. Focus on the most suitable and best-located properties within Antalya.


Real estate investment in Antalya ranks among the top successful investment choices in Turkey, thanks to the city’s numerous advantages.

Whether it’s residential, hotel, or tourist properties, Antalya offers opportunities for satisfying real estate investments.

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