Uskudar in Istanbul… combines heritage buildings with modern residential complexes


Üsküdar in istanbul is one of the oldest areas of Istanbul.

if not the oldest at all.

Among its corridors, there are many historical.

evidences of its antiquity.

Of heritage buildings that emulate the civilizations.

that settled in them and had a clear and remaining impact and imprint until today.

General location:

  • Üsküdar area is located on the Asian side.
  • of the Turkish city of Istanbul.
  • Between the Sea of ​​Marmara to the south.
  • and the Bosphorus Strait to the west.
  • It is bordered to the north.
  • by Bekoz and Asian forests.
  • To the south is the Kadikoy area.
  • To the east, Ümraniye, Ataşehir and Maltepe.
  • Arriving at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.
  • The Kartal region in the southeast.

Üsküdar in istanbul


أسكودار إسطنبول

Üsküdar between the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Bosphorus Strait:

  • Üsküdar extends over large areas between.
  • the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Bosphorus Strait.
  • What gave it important beache.
  • parks, and roads for transportation.
  • and access to the European side of Istanbul.
  • In addition to amazing sea views from all sides.
  • the viewer is confused: Is this the sea or the strait that I see?
  • Üsküdar also monitors large parts.
  • of European Istanbul, whose viewing angle.
  • is increasing more and more.
  • Whenever we move towards the sea banks.
  • such as the areas of Taksim, Bebek, Beşiktaş and others.
  • Üsküdar’s marine areas offer many.
  • distinctive sessions, walking and running.
  • on the long corniche connecting the strait to the sea.
  • Giving the region as a whole a charming.
  • maritime atmosphere, even though.
  • the strait and the sea are its facade in Üsküdar.
  • The rural areas of forests and gardens.
  • are bordered to the west and northwest by the forests of Aydos and Beykoz.
  • To make Üsküdar one of the most important.
  • and beautiful residential areas in Istanbul.
  • There are several ways to travel from Üsküdar.
  • to the other part of Istanbul.
  • But the sea bus still has its own character.
  • as it is possible to travel to the other side.
  • of Istanbul with all luxury and true, indescribable pleasure.
  • It can only be felt by those who have experienced it.
  • and the Kandilli Sea Bus, Çengelköy.
  • Billy Perry, Üsküdar and others stand out.
  • It is one of the most important points.
  • that operate distinctive sea trips across.
  • the strait to Istanbul, Europe.
  • in addition to other trips to the states of Yalova and Bursa.

Çamlıca Hill in Üsküdar District:

  • It is one of the seven hills on which Istanbul was built.
  • Çamlıca Hill is considered the most important.
  • hill in the city as it is the highest hill and.
  • has the largest area, enabling its visitors.
  • to view large areas of Istanbul from it.
  • It is also called “Bridal Hill” and perhaps.
  • the reason is because it is the main location.
  • for taking photos of weddings and newly married couples.
  • Because it combines the green of nature.
  • and the blue of the sea to paint.
  • a distinctive picture that is rarely matched in the world.
  • Çamlıca Hill includes many important.
  • tourist attractions that captivate its visitors, including:
  • Çamlıca Park
  • Çamlıca Tower is the tallest tower.
  • built on a hill in Europe.
  • Çamlıca Mosque is the largest in Türkiye.
  • with a capacity of 70,000 worshippers

عقارات أسكودار

The importance of Üsküdar for Asian Istanbul:

  • If European Istanbul praises the Fatih and Taksim areas.
  • and considers them the tourist centers of Istanbul.
  • Asian Istanbul considers Üsküdar to be.
  • the opposite side of the Fatih region and Kadikoy.
  • to be the second side to the Taksim region.
  • Üsküdar is known as one of the conservative regions.
  • although it is at the forefront of tourist tours.
  • for various visitors around the world.
  • However, it preserved its authentic Islamic.
  • Turkish and Ottoman values, as if.
  • it were an open-air museum.
  • For those who wish to learn about.
  • the authenticity of this people, their history.
  • and their true roots, creating a miniature.
  • painting about the Turks and the Ottomans at the same time.

Health and medicine in Üsküdar:

  • Considering that Üsküdar is a central area.
  • in Istanbul and the link between.
  • Asian and European Istanbul.
  • It is natural that it is full of hospitals.
  • dispensaries and health centers.
  • whether governmental, private or international.
  • Among the most important health.
  • centers in Üsküdar we mention:
  • Embati Private Teaching Hospital on the banks.
  • of the Bosphorus
  • Family doctor “Küçük Su””
  • “Medivia” Hospital Group for Central Medicine
  • Başakent University Hospital
  • “Selami Ali” Hospital
  • Hareem Sultan Hospital
  • Yeni Fadi Hospital
  • Sultan Abdülhamid Hospital.
  • (University of Health Sciences).
  • And other health and medical centers.
  • concerned with the health of individuals.
  • including citizens, foreign residents, and tourists

Education in Üsküdar region:

  • The educational reality in Üsküdar is no less.
  • important than its health reality.
  • It is one of the areas full of educational institutions.
  • including schools at different educational levels.
  • Governmental, private, Arab and international.
  • universities to universities, including:
  • Shahid Murad Akademir Secondary School
  • Shahid Mustafa Gambaz School
  • Kandilli Anatolia Middle School
  • Kandilli Beyaz Merdevin School
  • Bosphorus University
  • Tanzila Erdoğan Secondary School
  • Üsküdar University
  • Ali Furat Girls School
  • Naval School
  • Senior secondary school

Transportation in the Üsküdar area:

  • The Üsküdar area in Asian Istanbul brings.
  • together all means of public transportation.
  • that connect the city with its European and Asian sides.
  • From the metro stations, Marmaray, Metrobus.
  • sea buses, medium and small buses.
  • The extension of Üsküdar between.
  • the E-5 and E-80 highways has connected.
  • it with European Istanbul.
  • The First Bosphorus Bridge (July 15 Martyrs Bridge).
  • and the Second Bosphorus Bridge.
  • (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge).

Eurasia Tunnel in Üsküdar:

  • The Eurasia Tunnel connects the European.
  • and Asian continents of Istanbul and.
  • allows more than 100,000 cars to cross daily.
  • Shortening the travel time between.
  • the two continents from 100 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • The tunnel helps reduce environmental.
  • pollution and fuel consumption.
  • saving time, effort and money.
  • The Eurasia Tunnel extends over.
  • a distance of 14.6 km, 5.4 km of which.
  • is under the waters of the Bosphorus Strait.
  • Extending between the regions of.
  • Eminönü in European Istanbul and.
  • Üsküdar in Asian Istanbul.

Shopping and entertainment in Üsküdar:

  • It has become the tourist destination.
  • of the Üsküdar area in Istanbul because.
  • it includes dozens of entertainment centers.
  • For individuals, friends, families and tourists.
  • among the most important of these centers are:
  • Çamlıca Park and Garden
  • The banks of the Bosphorus Strait
  • The banks of the Sea of ​​Marmara
  • Marine Corniche
  • The historic girl’s tower
  • Capitol Mall
  • Çamlıca Tower
  • Bulgurlu Market
  • Emaar Square

Üsküdar in istanbul



Advantages of housing and living in Üsküdar:

  • There are many advantages that make Üsküdar.
  • one of the most important real estate attractions.
  • for those wishing to live in Istanbul, such as:
  • Üsküdar combines the Sea of ​​
  • and the Bosphorus
  • An enchanting nature with the blue.
  • of the sea and the green of the trees.
  • A moderate climate imposed by.
  • the natural atmosphere in the region
  • Living in one of the most important.
  • historical and tourist centers of Istanbul.
  • Living in one of the oldest Turkish regions.
  • if not the oldest at all.
  • The designs of modern residential.
  • complexes in Üsküdar form a mixtur.
  • between Üsküdar’s heritage and.
  • modern buildings in an unparalleled.
  • mixture that creates complete harmony.
  • A clear historical fragrance in Üsküdar
  • A prominent and continuous government.
  • interest in it, as it is one of the centers of Istanbul.
  • in terms of road expansion, infrastructure development.
  • reconstruction, etc.

Üsküdar in istanbul

Advantages of investing in Üsküdar:

  • Investing in an important tourist area that attracts.
  • tourists throughout the seasons of the year.
  • including seasonal, winter and other tourism.
  • The large number of hotels and hotel suites.
  • and the possibility of adding more to.
  • accommodate the huge number of.
  • tourists who visit annually.
  • Multiple investment options, including residential.
  • and commercial real estate, such as offices, shops.
  • and companies, especially those located.
  • within commercial
  • The possibility of investing in hotel real estate.
  • and achieving high profitable returns through it.
  • Uskudar’s central location makes it among.
  • the three best areas in Istanbul, thus increasing.
  • the investment value of its real estate over time.
  • The region is full of service and tourist attractions.
  • including hospitals, schools, malls.
  • transportation networks, and historical attractions.
  • High profitable returns that the investor.
  • can obtain by investing in Üsküdar residential.
  • commercial and tourist properties.



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