Izmit in Kocaeli .. What are the best types of investment in it?

izmit kocaeli

Izmit in Kocaeli is one of the Turkish regions witnessing.

investment momentum due to its attractive features.

for local and foreign investors.

 An overview of Izmit region:

  • Izmit is administratively affiliated with Kocaeli State.
  • It is bordered by the city of Istanbul to the east.
  • Sakarya from its western side.
  • It borders the Sea of ​​Marmara to the south.
  • As it approaches the Black Sea to the north.
  • It dates back to the year 264 AD.
  • It was known throughout history as Izmid and before that Nicomedia.
  • Izmit is ranked among the most growing regions in Türkiye.
  • It has large industrial potentials and rapid development.
  • It is famous for its wide green spaces.
  • It is also characterized by modern life in the heart of nature.

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The best types of investments in Izmit:

  • Izmit has its share of advanced infrastructure.
  • Major development projects increased.
  • To accelerate investments in it.
  • In conjunction with the prominent government interest in it.
  • Among the most prominent types of investment in Izmit we mention:


1-Real estate investment:

  • It constitutes the strategic location of the Izmit region.
  • An important impetus towards development and real estate investment there.
  • The region has been witnessing this for more than a decade.
  • Construction of major Turkish construction companies.
  • Several real estate projects, including residential, commercial and service.
  • Which gives the real estate investor many options.
  • In addition to the diversity of styles, spaces and views.
  • With the increase in requests to obtain a property in Izmit.
  • Prices rose and thus investment returns clearly increased.

Izmit in Kocaeli

2-Agricultural investment:

  • Thanks to the green nature of the Izmit region.
  • Driven by the climate suitable for the production of many agricultural crops.
  • The importance of agricultural investment has increased widely.
  • The region produces several types of crops.
  • It contributes to nourishing the local market.
  • In addition to exporting it to dozens of countries around the world.

3-Tourism investment:

  • Izmit is an important tourist area.
  • It is a connecting point between Istanbul, Sapanca and
  • It also offers many tourist attractions.
  • It is witnessing a major tourism transfer in its infrastructure.
  • In terms of its provision of natural landmarks and service facilities.
  • Such as the Kocaeli Museum and the Seka Park extending on the coast of Marmara.
  • In addition to a large games city and an artificial lake.
  • In addition to a group of restaurants and cafes.
  • Spread In Izmit , hotels and hotel apartments.
  • In addition to apartments and villas, which is known as the tourist rental system.
  • Daily and weekly, which gives the investor high returns.

Izmit in Kocaeli



The importance of buying an apartment in Izmit:

  • The green nature of the region imposes itself as an.
  • attractive factor for living there.
  • Providing all the necessities of life, including health.
  • educational and recreational service facilities.
  • In addition to a network of public transportation.
  • most notably Marmaray Kocaeli – Istanbul.
  • Easy transportation to and from all areas of the city and other cities.
  • Its proximity to Lake Sapanca and Maşukiye Waterfalls.
  • Izmit is close to Sabiha International Airport, about 76 km.
  • It is also close to the states of Yalova and Bursa.
  • It can be reached via the ido sea bus.
  • Amazing views offered by most Izmit apartments.
  • Either on the banks of the Sea of ​​Marmara or on green spaces.
  • Apartment prices in Izmit are low compared to Istanbul real estate prices.

Types of real estate investment in Izmit:

The investment market in the region provides several types.

the most prominent of which are:

1-Investing in apartments:

  • Hundreds of residential apartments have been built and.
  • are being constructed in Izmit.
  • Most of them are located within distinctive real estate complexes.
  • It has stunning views of the Sea of ​​Marmara.
  • Provided with a range of security, social and entertainment services.
  • It also witnesses a diversity of styles and spaces.
  • Which gave the investor various options.
  • Which led to an increase in the factors for the success.
  • of investment in Izmit apartments.
  • It is in high demand, especially during tourist seasons.

2-Investing in villas:

  • A region like Izmit has natural characteristics.
  • It had to include many luxury villas.
  • Located in the heart of nature.
  • Among the coastal banks and green spaces.
  • Izmit villas are characterized by impressive modern designs.
  • With endless luxury and high build quality.
  • In addition to its diverse spaces and views of the sea or trees.
  • Through balconies and terraces.
  • Tourists are very willing to rent villas on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Which gives the investor returns that satisfy his aspirations.
  • by investing in Türkiye.

3-Investment in tourist real estate:

  • Tourist properties are diverse in Izmit.
  • From Hotels and hotel apartments equipped with service facilities.
  • To meet the needs of tourists coming from inside and outside Türkiye.
  • In addition to other tourist properties.
  • From tourist resorts, restaurants and cafes.
  • It is one of the types of huge investments that a certain segment.
  • of investors turn to.

Izmit in Kocaeli

 Reasons to prefer real estate investment in Izmit over other investments:

  • Real estate investment is less risky On capital unlike other investments
  • Real estate investment in Izmit can be started.
  • by purchasing a property from the amount of only 100 thousand dollars.
  • Real estate investment does not require a huge budget to start.
  • Other investments, especially industrial and commercial.
  • are known as “whales of the market,” which makes.
  • it difficult to compete with them, unlike real estate investment.
  • The possibility of diversifying real estate investment.
  • into apartments, villas, offices, shops and tourist properties.
  • By owning a property, then reselling or renting.
  • it and starting to collect the returns.
  • Real estate investment can also be made by purchasing.
  • a ready-made property or a property under construction.
  • Although real estate investment is a long-term investment.
  • it is a guaranteed investment and provides.
  • a fixed and increasing return over time.

Golden Investment Group projects in Izmit:

  • The Golden Group Company provides investment in Türkiye.
  • A group of distinctive options for apartments and villas.
  • With multiple options and styles to meet all real estate ownership goals.
  • From housing, investment, or Turkish citizenship.
  • Our projects in Izmit are:
  • Yıldızlar Tepesi

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