Advantages of Real Estate Complexes in Turkey 2024

المجمعات السكنية في تركيا

Real estate complexes in Turkey, built by major construction companies, have become more desirable than independent buildings

These modern complexes offer various amenities, resembling integrated cities with services catering to both individuals and families. Let’s explore the content in more detail.



Real Estate Complexes in Turkey:


These complexes consist of multi-story residential and commercial buildings enclosed by an outer wall.

They include numerous apartments, offices, and shops under one roof, offering various social, security, and entertainment services.


Advantages of Real Estate Complexes in Turkey:


  • Constructed by leading construction companies in Turkey.
  • Located in vital areas within the city.
  • Surrounded by hospitals, schools, universities, and shopping centers.
  • Proximity to highways and transportation networks.
  • Modern construction and high-quality building materials.
  • Adherence to government and international building regulations, including seismic resistance.
  • Legal compliance, with properties having official title deeds (tapu).
  • Diverse property types: apartments, luxury villas, offices, commercial spaces.
  • External walls provide security, restricting access to residents, tenants, and their guests.
  • Security measures, such as 24/7 surveillance and reception.
  • Scenic views of the sea, forest, highway, or city.
  • Privacy maintained through spatial arrangement.
  • Appreciation of property value over time.
  • Rising demand for complex properties leads to increased real estate prices.
العقارات التركية
العقارات التركية

Services in Real Estate Complexes in Turkey:


  1. 24/7 security.
  2. Indoor and outdoor parking.
  3. Swimming pools (indoor, outdoor, or both).
  4. Children’s pools.
  5. Turkish baths (hammams).
  6. Yoga rooms.
  7. Health clubs (spas).
  8. Sports courts (football, basketball, tennis).
  9. Billiard rooms.
  10. Playrooms (PlayStation, etc.).
  11. Multi-purpose event halls.
  12. Extensive gardens.
  13. Green spaces with trees and natural plants.
  14. Running and walking tracks.
  15. Family seating areas.
  16. BBQ areas.
  17. Schools and kindergartens.
  18. Children’s play zones.
  19. Smart home technology.
  20. Balconies and terraces.
  21. Cleaning and maintenance services.


Drawbacks of Real Estate Complexes in Turkey:


  1. Higher prices compared to independent buildings.
  2. Monthly fees for complex services.
  3. Obligation to adhere to complex regulations.
  4. Restricted access control for guests.
المجمعات السكنية
المجمعات السكنية

Investing in Modern Real Estate Properties:


Investing in modern real estate complexes in Turkey is considered one of the best investments due to the growing preference for these properties.

They provide satisfactory returns for investors, with increasing rental values and significant price appreciation upon resale.


This detailed analysis should provide valuable insights into the advantages, services, and considerations associated with real estate complexes in Turkey.


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