Reselling Real Estate in Turkey

إعادة بيع العقارات التركية

Reselling real estate in Turkey falls under the real estate investment sector and is considered one of the most favoured types of investment by both local and foreign investors.

They view Turkish real estate resale as a significant investment opportunity that can yield substantial and guaranteed profits.



Investing in Resale:

This type of investment in Turkey involves purchasing ready-to-sell properties or those still under construction and reselling them.

making a profit from the price difference between buying and selling. The nature of the resale can vary.


Types of Resale Investments:

Resale investments in Turkey differ based on whether the property is ready for occupancy or still under construction and the time gap between the purchase and resale.

The types of resale investments include:

الاستثمار في إعادة البيع
الاستثمار في إعادة البيع

1- Reselling Properties After Construction:

  • Buying properties before construction has started or in the early stages when construction is yet to begin can be a lucrative investment.
  • This is because developers often offer these properties at lower prices to attract buyers. Typically, properties under construction are priced much lower than completed ones.
  • After purchasing such a property, investors wait for a period ranging from 3 to 5 years, the average time it takes for real estate projects to be completed in Turkey.
  • Upon completion, investors put these properties back on the market as ready-to-occupy units at prices matching the market rates for similar properties in the area.
  • Resale can either happen immediately after handover or after making some modifications, such as adding decorations or furnishings.
  • The property is then priced based on a real estate appraisal or slightly higher, considering average prices for completed properties.
  • This type of resale can generate profit margins ranging from 50% to possibly over 300%.


2-Reselling Properties After Several Years:

  • The second type of resale involves waiting several years before selling the property. Investors purchase a ready property and hold onto it for a period of 3 to 5 years.
  • during which real estate prices in Turkey tend to rise. Afterward, the property is sold, and investors can achieve profit margins ranging from 35% to 100%.


3- Reselling Properties for Turkish Citizenship:

  • Turkish citizenship law requires foreign investors to retain ownership of a property for at least 3 years
  • During this time, they can choose to use the property for personal residence, rental income, or resale without affecting their Turkish citizenship.
  • Waiting for the stipulated period can significantly increase the property’s investment value, influenced by factors such.
  • as the exchange rate of the Turkish lira, inflation rate, construction costs, labor wages, and more. After 3 years.
  • investors can resell the property with profit margins ranging from 35% to 60% or more.
إعادة بيع العقارات في تركيا
إعادة بيع العقارات في تركيا

Guaranteeing Resale in Turkey:

  • One of the services provided by the Golden Group for Real Estate Consultancy in Turkey, particularly within its post-sales and property management department.
  • is the Resale Guarantee service This service ensures that investors will achieve a profit margin of at least 35% over the property’s purchase price.
  • if they retain ownership for 3 years. After the waiting period, the Golden Group facilitates finding a suitable buyer and reselling the property while guaranteeing the specified profit margin.
  • This Resale Guarantee service offers peace of mind to investors, assuring them of a minimum profit on their real estate investments in Turkey.

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