Esenyurt in istanbul ..the investment importance of the largest residential area

Esenyurt area

Esenyurt in istanbul

General Site:

  • Esenyurt region, located in European Istanbul, occupies an area of ​​2770 km2.
  • It is considered one of the most prominent municipalities of Istanbul due to its vast area and population growth.
  • The population of Esenyurt, according to official figures, has reached nearly one million people.
  • Esenyurt is located in the middle of the city’s two highways near the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, surrounded by areas:
  • Beylikduzu.
  • Buyukcekmece.
  • Bahcesehir.
  • Avcılar.
  • Kucukcekmece.
  • Some of its high towers offer diverse views of the city.
  • from which it is possible to see the Sea of ​​Marmara and Kucukcekmece


Esenyurt in istanbul


Reasons to live:

  • The increase in population demand in Esenyurt led to its inclusion of large numbers of Arab and foreign communities.
  • In addition to the indigenous Turkish population, investors’ interest has been directed to Esenyurt.
  • especially in the last decade, after which projects for building residential complexes have increased.
  • Over time, Esenyurt will become a vital center in Istanbul.
  • Experts believe that the Istanbul Water Canal project will have positive effects on Esenyurt.
  • Because of its close proximity to the vital project that will see the light in the year 2027.
  • According to official statements, the work of constructing the canal and building bridges between its banks has actually begun in 2022.
  • It will continue at a faster pace after Erdogan won a new presidential term on May 28 that will last until 2028.


Means of transportation:

  • Various types of large, medium and small buses and taxis run on the streets of Esenyurt.
  • Which connects the neighborhoods of Esenyurt on the one hand and the rest of Istanbul on the other hand.
  • Although the metro has not reached Esenyurt yet.
  • However, its extension on the E-5 highway necessitated the availability of several Metrobus stations, such as “Harami Dere, Güzelyurt, and Marmara Park.”

Esenyurt in istanbul

أسنيورت إسطنبول

Public facilities:

  • Esenyurt is home to dozens of government and private hospitals.
  • Which provides all medical specialties and the latest medical devices.
  • In addition to dispensaries and other medical centers.
  • In the educational situation, huge numbers of public, Arab and international schools spread in Esenyurt.
  • The region also includes Esenyurt University, which consists of 4 main colleges: “All types of engineering.
  • health sciences, business administration, social sciences and arts.”
  • It is close to several other universities, including “Avcilar University, Gelişim University, Beykent University” and others.
  • Esenyurt also includes many major shopping centers (malls), most notably.
  • the “Marmara Park” mall and the City Center, and is close to the “Pelican and Torium” malls.
  • Esenyurt is close to a museum on the border of the Bahçeşehir region, and it includes several sections.
  • It displays chocolate models of prominent Turkish and Ottoman figures and landmarks of the city of Istanbul.
  • In addition to a number of diverse national parks, including “Regep Tayyip Erdogan Park.
  • Nagmeldin Erbakan Park, and Martyrs’ Gardens.”


Future projects:

  • The Turkish government is working in cooperation with the Greater Istanbul Municipality and the Municipality of Esenyurt.
  • to complete the “Esenyurt – Mahmoud Bey” metro project.
  • Official statements say that the first phase will be ready in 2024, and the rest of the phases will continue to open successively until 2026.


Real estate prices:

  • The multiplicity of real estate options, including residential and commercial complex projects.
  • has provided the opportunity to obtain residential apartments suitable for all segments of society.
  • In a way that is compatible with different budgets, it has become possible to own a luxury apartment.
  • that includes many social facilities.
  • Within many large residential complexes at reasonable prices that are considered affordable by many.
  • Real estate prices in Esenyurt start from $90,000 for a one-room apartment.
  • It gradually increases to $400,000 for residential and commercial properties located within.
  • the huge residential complexes in Esenyurt of various sizes and models.


The importance of real estate investment:

  • About one million people make their residence in Esenyurt, most of whom are Turks.
  • In addition to the percentage of Arab and foreign communities of all nationalities.
  • Esenyurt attracts this huge population despite its relative distance from the city centers of Istanbul (about 30 km).
  • However, the services in Esenyurt and the low prices of real estate and rents there attracted more people.
  • wishing to live in Esenyurt, which is close to the coast of the Sea of ​​
  • Which is located in the middle of the two lakes of Istanbul, Buyukcekmece and Kucukcekmece.
  • As the demand for Esenyurt increased year after year, its residential importance increased.
  • Consequently, indicators of the success of real estate investment have increased, whether in residential, commercial or hotel properties.
  • Tuyap Exhibition and International Markets City adds more relevance to Esenyurt’s importance.
  • What is striking about Esenyurt is that it includes all types of real estate (apartments, villas, offices, shops, hotels).
  • Providing it to major residential and commercial complexes that include various types of social, security and entertainment services.
  • Wide green spaces, playgrounds, family gatherings, shopping stores, and more.

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