Government Guarantee in Turkey 2024

مفهوم الضمان الحكومي في تركيا

Government-guaranteed real estate in Turkey is a solution designed to reassure foreign investors.

particularly those venturing into property ownership in Turkey for the first time.



 Government Guarantee in Turkey:


The term “Government Guarantee” in Turkey refers to all properties in which the Turkish state is involved as a partner.

landowner, or real estate developer. This involvement provides these properties with legal, material, and moral protection, ensuring confidence for buyers.

Government-guaranteed real estate in Turkey typically involves partnerships between public and private sectors.

Private companies construct residential or commercial projects on land owned by the Turkish government, such as municipal land.

The public entity guarantees oversight, marketing, and management of the project by relevant government.

institutions until the completion and sale of the last property within the project.

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How to Purchase Government-Guaranteed Real Estate in Turkey?


  • Contact the Golden Group for Investment in Turkey and express interest in purchasing government-guaranteed real estate.
  • whether for residential purposes, real estate investment in Turkey, or obtaining Turkish citizenship through property ownership.
  • The Golden Group’s customer service representative sends several offers that align with the client’s goals and requirements.
  • Make an initial reservation for the property by transferring 1% of the property’s price via bank transfer.
  • Schedule a property tour by mutual agreement.
  • On the scheduled day, upon the client’s arrival in Turkey, facilitate airport reception, provide accommodation for relaxation, then proceed to visit the government-guaranteed properties selected by the client.
  • Obtain a real estate appraisal report.
  • Sign the real estate purchase contract in Turkey, authenticated by a Turkish notary, and finalize the transfer of the property.
  • Convert foreign currency to Turkish lira through an intermediary bank and transfer the property’s value from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account through the same bank.
  • Book an appointment with the Land Registry Directorate for the property transfer transaction.


Advantages of Government-Guaranteed Real Estate in Turkey:


  1. The Turkish government contracts only with reputable construction companies in the Turkish market.
  2. The government ensures that all project-related documents and legalities are in order during the construction phase.
  3. Government institutions closely monitor the real estate marketing process to prevent exaggeration and ensure fair pricing.
  4. Significant discounts and concessions are provided.
  5. Government-appointed committees of experts regularly inspect model apartments and oversee construction stages.
  6. Financial transactions, including fund transfers and payments, are conducted through Turkish banks.
  7. The government oversees the entire property delivery process, ensuring legal compliance.
  8. Government-guaranteed projects often include developmental facilities such as hospitals, universities, roads, and transportation within municipal plans.
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شركة إملاك كونوت

Government Construction Companies in Turkey:


TOKI (Housing Development Administration of Turkey):


Established in 1948, TOKI is a government-affiliated construction company that collaborates with private companies to develop housing projects.


Emlak Konut:


A government-owned construction company recognized as Turkey’s largest in terms of capital, executing massive projects with a reputation for quality and timely delivery.


Government-guaranteed projects in Turkey are part of the incentives provided to those interested in property ownership.

protecting investors from real estate fraud and ensuring the success of their investment projects in Turkey, leading to optimal results and high profits.


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