Is it my right to know the specifications of the property before purchasing it?

معرفة مواصفات الشقة

We receive daily inquiries on our website and social media platforms about Turkish real estate, property investment in Turkey.

and obtaining Turkish citizenship through property ownership.

One of the questions is about the client’s entitlement to know the details of the property before signing contracts and transferring ownership.


At “Golden Group,” real estate consultations are our primary approach to serving Arab and foreign clients interested in property ownership in Turkey.

We believe that providing clients with comprehensive information about the Turkish real estate market is a fundamental aspect of our work.


Key aspects of our real estate consultations include:


  • Discussing the Turkish real estate market in detail.
  • Informing clients about property ownership laws for foreigners in Turkey.
  • Explaining pre- and post-purchase property costs, including fees and taxes.
  • Presenting current and future property prices.
  • Sending detailed property offers and discussing each one.
  • Describing the property with audio, images, and mentioning its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Offering advice before initiating a preliminary reservation on a property.
مواصفات الشقة
مواصفات الشقة

What role does the Golden Group sales team play after the client arrives in Turkey?


The Customer Service (Real Estate Consultations) department coordinates the client’s arrival for a property tour.

Once in Turkey, the communication shifts from the Customer Service department to the Sales department.

The Sales team welcomes the client at the airport, provides transportation to a pre-booked hotel, and after a brief rest, begins the property tour.


The Sales team’s responsibilities include:

  • Conducting property tours for projects the client is interested in.
  • Reviewing the project’s architectural model and discussing project details.
  • Visiting model apartments and discussing construction materials.
  • Showing the actual apartment size, ceiling height, room layout, bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies.
  • Allowing the client to view interior and exterior views.
  • Touring the project’s surroundings to identify nearby facilities.
  • Explaining the property purchase contract, translating its terms, and specifying details of the apartment.
  • Negotiating discounts with Turkish construction companies to benefit the client.
  • If the client opts for installment payments, the Sales team strives for lower down payments and extended payment terms.
العقارات التركية
العقارات التركية

The Golden Group believes that providing clients with property details, costs, advantages, and disadvantages is an essential approach.

New employees are trained in this aspect, ensuring that they prioritize the client’s needs as Turkey’s foremost real estate advisors.

helping investors achieve their expected benefits and profits through Turkish investments.


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