The concept of Home Office

عقارات هوم أوفيس


The concept of Home Office properties in Turkey involves real estate that combines residential and commercial features.

These properties, also known as “Home Offices” or “Homes with Offices,” are designed to serve as both living spaces and offices.

providing a unique blend of residential and commercial functionalities.


What are Home Office Apartments?


The term “Home Office” originates from English and refers to properties that can be used as either a residence, an office for business, or both simultaneously.

These properties have gained popularity due to their versatile design, allowing occupants to use the space for living or conducting business activities.

Developers in Turkey have actively constructed Home Office properties for over two decades.

responding to the increasing demand for these dual-purpose spaces. These apartments are commonly situated in large residential and commercial complexes.

especially in strategic investment areas, including:


  • Maslak (the first business district of Istanbul)
  • Basin Express (the second business district of Istanbul)
  • Sisli (the commercial capital of Istanbul)
  • Bomonti (one of the prominent neighborhoods in Sisli)
  • Atasehir (home to the Istanbul International Financial Center)
هوم أوفيس
هوم أوفيس

Advantages of Home Office Properties:





Home Office properties are part of modern buildings, often within real estate complexes, providing flexibility for use as either office spaces or residences.


Open Design:


These properties usually have open layouts, allowing owners to customize the space with cement or glass partitions according to their needs.


Variety of Options:


Home Office properties come in various configurations, ranging from studio apartments (1+0) to one-bedroom apartments (1+1).


Strategic Locations:


Typically situated in prime locations, near highways, metro stations, and major development projects, making them easily accessible.


Demand from Students and Corporations:


Suitable for university students looking for small-sized properties and highly sought after by large Turkish and international companies to establish branches or offices.


Disadvantages of Home Office Properties:


Limited Options:


Choices for Home Office properties may be limited, often available as small apartments or office spaces.

This limitation might not accommodate more than two people for living purposes.


Exposure in Design:


Buildings with Home Office properties are often closely aligned, with glass facades, potentially compromising privacy.


Space Constraints:


Sizes of Home Office properties usually range between 70 and 150 square meters, limiting larger living or office spaces.

مفهوم هوم أوفيس
مفهوم هوم أوفيس

Investment Significance of Home Office Properties:


University Student Rental:


Investing in Home Office properties for renting to university students due to their suitable size and configurations.


Corporate Leasing:


Attractive for leasing to large Turkish and international corporations, leading to long-term rental agreements.


Office Space for Companies:


Ideal for companies seeking strategically located office spaces for their employees.


Potential Resale:


Purchasing Home Office properties during the construction phase and reselling them after completion, capitalizing on the property’s increased value.


Home Office properties represent a notable facet of real estate investment in Turkey.

particularly appealing to those seeking versatile spaces that can serve both residential and commercial purposes.

These properties, with their strategic locations and modern designs.

are significant assets for investors targeting various rental markets or considering future resale opportunities.


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