Real estate ownership along the coastlines of Istanbul

Istanbul coasts

Is a prime target for those seeking residences or investments in Turkey. Istanbul boasts several key coastal areas.

combining city centers, suburbs, maritime routes, and forests that attract property enthusiasts.



Coastal Real Estate in Istanbul:

  • Owning real estate along Istanbul’s coastlines is a primary goal for those looking to purchase luxurious apartments or villas.
  • The captivating sea views, combined with green vistas and cityscapes, offer a mesmerizing natural blend, providing tranquility away from the city noise.


Key Coastal Areas in Istanbul:



  • Located on the shores of the Marmara Sea, Buyukcekmece is renowned for its three-fold views – the Marmara Sea, Buyukcekmece Lake, and lush greenery.
  • The area offers diverse real estate options, from modern residential apartments with recreational services to luxurious standalone villas within prestigious complexes.

2- Beylikduzu:

  • Situated between the Sea of Marmara and the E-5 highway with its developed infrastructure, Beylikduzu stands out for its unique location and access to.
  • the largest marina in Istanbul. Properties in Beylikduzu benefit from stunning sea views and a sophisticated lifestyle.

ساحل بيليك دوزو

3- Avcilar:

  • Avcilar boasts a beautiful coastline along the Sea of Marmara, featuring a well-developed corniche.
  • The real estate options in Avcilar offer diverse views, including the sea and Kucukcekmece Lake, combined with green landscapes.


4- Bakirkoy:

  • Known for its attractive coastline along the Marmara Sea, Bakirkoy offers a pleasant living environment.
  • The area is characterized by a harmonious mix of historical structures and modern residential complexes.


5- Zeytinburnu:

  • Zeytinburnu is positioned on the historical peninsula, offering sea views and proximity to significant historical sites.
  • Real estate in Zeytinburnu provides a unique blend of modern living and historical richness.


6- Sariyer:

  • Sariyer, located on the European side, stands as a witness to the meeting point of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea.
  • With its dispersed coastline and proximity to the Belgrade Forest, it holds exceptional significance for residential and investment purposes.


7- Arnavutkoy:

  • Arnavutkoy, situated between the Bosphorus and the Black Sea, features charming coastal areas.
  • The district offers a variety of real estate options, benefiting from the picturesque surroundings and historical ambiance.


8- Uskudar:

  • Positioned on the Asian side along the Bosphorus, Uskudar combines historical and modern aspects.
  • Real estate in Uskudar enjoys stunning Bosphorus views, offering a serene living experience.


9- Kadikoy:

  • Kadikoy, a vibrant district on the Asian side, has a dynamic coastline along the Marmara Sea. It is known for its lively atmosphere.
  • cultural richness, and diverse real estate options.


10- Kartal:

  • Kartal, on the Asian side, features a significant coastal area along the Sea of Marmara. With its proximity to Sabiha Gokcen Airport, real estate in Kartal.
  • is attractive for both residential and investment purposes.



  • Maltepe, adjacent to Kartal, boasts a beautiful coastline and a mix of modern and traditional neighborhoods.
  • It provides a tranquil living environment while being well-connected to the city.


12- Pendik:

  • Positioned on the Asian side, Pendik offers a considerable coastal stretch along the Marmara Sea.
  • Real estate options in Pendik provide residents with serene sea views and a relaxed lifestyle.


13- Beykoz:

  • Beykoz, situated between the Bosphorus and the Black Sea, offers a unique coastal living experience.
  • It is known for its green landscapes, historical sites, and diverse real estate choices.


14- Sile:

  • Sile, known as the “capital of villas and summerhouses,” is located on the Black Sea coast. It features charming beaches and coastal areas.
  • making it a preferred destination for those seeking a peaceful coastal retreat.


These key coastal areas in Istanbul offer a diverse range of real estate options, allowing residents to enjoy breathtaking sea views and a high-quality lifestyle. Each district has its


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