Hotel apartments in Dubai


Hotel apartments in Dubai are a demand for many

investors wishing to own real estate in the Emirati city of Dubai.

Dubai is known as one of the most important addresses

or real estate ownership and investment in the world

ue to the advantages that this market has

that make it superior to many international markets.

Hotel apartment concept:

  • Hotel apartments are temporary residences.
  • It is usually an alternative to staying in tourist hotels.
  • These apartments are similar to hotel rooms
  • n terms of luxury, quality and services.
  • Hotel apartments attract investors due to their
  • mportance and high demand.
  • Many tourists find that this type of real estate
  • s more suitable for them than hotels.
  • Because it provides greater privacy and a wider
  • pace than hotel rooms or suites.
  • Hotel apartments are fully furnished and
  • sually have prime locations.
  • In addition to consisting of many different shapes
  • esigns and patterns.
  • Most of them have distinctive views of the ocean.

Hotel apartments in Dubai

الاستثمار العقاري في دبي

A glimpse of the UAE city of Dubai:

  • The city of Dubai was founded in 1833.
  • Its ancient heritage buildings were built of mud and clay.
  • In conjunction with the establishment of the United Arab Emirates.
  • On 12/02/1971, Dubai began to witness high-level reconstruction.
  • From engineering road planning and construction
  • f completely new buildings.
  • On the ruins of ancient buildings.
  • Major international construction companies started.
  • Building towers, skyscrapers and ordinary buildings.
  • Successive Dubai governments added all
  • he requirements for life in the city.
  • From Hospitals, schools, shopping centers
  • nd transportation networks.
  • And during the past five decades, the city of
  • ubai was able to reach what it is today.
  • To become one of the most important cities in the world
  • ith its urban and cultural levels.
  • What is striking in Dubai is that the main language is English.
  • Although it is an Arab city, the reason why
  • the UAE government chose English as the official language.
  • This is due to the fact that it includes foreigners from different
  • ationalities of the world, and thus their coming together in one
  • anguage that enables them to communicate with each other.
  • The Dubai government is known as the smart government, which
  • rovides citizens and residents alike with a high-quality lifestyle.
  • In Dubai, there is not the slightest difference between an
  • mirati citizen and a foreign citizen, as everyone is equal before
  • he Emirati judiciary.

Hotel apartments in Dubai

Where is Dubai located?

  • Dubai extends on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Gulf.
  • It extends over an area of ​​4,114 square kilometers.
  • It belongs to the United Arab Emirates and
  • as an independent government.
  • The UAE is generally a federal state, meaning
  • hat each emirate is independent from the other.
  • Dubai is surrounded by the cities of AlSharjah Ajman
  • l Ain, and Abu Dhabi.
  • Dubai’s population exceeds 3.5 million people
  • citizens and residents.

Tourism in Dubai:

  • Dubai is considered a tourist city par excellence.
  • Despite its relatively small area.
  • However, it attracts millions of visitors annually.
  • The number of tourists to Dubai in 2023
  • eached more than 17 million.
  • Among the most prominent tourist sites in
  • the Emirati city of Dubai are:
  • Burj Khalifa (the tallest tower in the world).
  • Dubai Mall.
  • Burj Al Arab.
  • Burj Khalifa Fountain.
  • Cityland Mall.
  • Dubai Aquarium.
  • Nakheel City.
  • Dubai theme parks.
  • Dubai Gardens.
  • Bollywood Parks Dubai.
  • Jumeirah Beach.
  • Jumeirah Mall.
  • Skydive Dubai.


Real estate ownership in Dubai:

  • The Emirati city of Dubai has been witnessing
  • or more than three decades until today.
  • An unprecedented urban activity in which they are racing against
  • ime to put the city at the forefront of the world’s cities.
  • With urban activity, many foreigners tended to
  • wn Dubai real estate for housing or investment.
  • Dubai real estate is known for its innovative designs
  • igh quality construction, and diversity of styles.
  • In addition to its distinctive locations and stunning views.
  • Dubai real estate prices start from $100,000 and
  • ometimes exceed $8 million.

Hotel apartments in Dubai

What are the best areas to buy hotel apartments in Dubai?

  • Dubai Marina
  • Palm island
  • Jumeirah Lakes Towers
  • Downtown Dubai
  • GBR

Tips for buying hotel apartments in Dubai:

  • Choosing a lively and ideal location for the apartment increases profit rates and increases its investment value.
  • Inquire about the name of the company that manages hotel apartments intended for investment.
  • View the returns that the company guarantees to investors.
  • Identify the best areas in Dubai to own hotel apartments.
  • Asking about freehold areas in Dubai.
  • Learn about the legal procedures for foreigners
  • wnership in Dubai.

الاستثمار العقاري في دبي

 Advantages of buying a hotel apartment in Dubai Investments:

  •   Annual profitability returns range between good and excellent.
  • The demand for this type of real estate increases its value.
  • The presence of hotel apartments in the best tourist areas of Dubai.
  • Providing companies specialized in real estate property
  • anagement in Dubai.

Challenges of investing in hotel apartments in Dubai:

  • Payment of hotel management services fees.
  • Annual returns are affected by seasonal changes.
  • Strong competition between other investors.
  • Potential for limited control over daily operations
  • and management decisions.

Hotel apartments in Dubai


الشقق الفندقية

What are the costs of buying hotel apartments in Dubai?

  • In addition to the price of purchasing a hotel apartment in Dubai.
  • There are other costs and fees that are
  • he responsibility of the buyer.
  • It is paid to the Land Department.
  • 2% of the sale value must be paid.
  • In addition to imposing the following taxes:
  • 10% on the room rate.
  • 10% service fees.
  • 10% municipal fees
  • From 6% to 10% city tax.
  • 6% tourist fees

الشقق الفندقية في دبي

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