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Bahçelievler in istanbul region has many characteristics that make it one of the attractive areas for housing and real estate investment.

General location:

  • It is located in the middle of the European side of Istanbul.
  • It is surrounded by Bakirkoy, Kucukcekmece.
  • Bagcilar, Zeytinburnu, and Gungoran.
  • Its western part also extends over large areas.
  • within the Basin Express commercial road.
  • which gave it investment status.
  • Its total area reaches 16.7 km2.
  • It was previously affiliated with the municipality.
  • of Bakirkoy, but it was separated in 1992.
  • and since then it has begun remarkable urban.
  • development and an increase in its construction index.

موقع بهشلي إيفلر

Population growth:

  • The population of the region increased.
  • significantly between 1960 and 2008.
  • Because Bahçelievler attracted more people wishing.
  • to reside and live in this vital area.
  • the increase was as follows:
  • 8,500 people in 1960
  • 20,811 people in 1975
  • 100 thousand people in 1990
  • 600 thousand people in 2008



Historical and archaeological places:

The region includes many historical, archaeological.

and heritage sites that witnessed the succession of.

civilizations in the region, their settlement there.

and leaving many rare monuments and landmarks such as:


Siavos Pasha Palace:

  • This palace, with its majestic structure, stands.
  • in the National Park of the Bahçelievler region.
  • It has been subjected to several restoration works.
  • over the years, but it has maintained the basic.
  • appearance and features of the Ottoman palace.
  • Siavos Palace was built in the sixteenth.
  • century and includes a fountain, which is one of.
  • its most prominent features and still remains today.


Bahçelievler in istanbul

Soganli Fountain:

  • This wonderful fountain was built
  • during the Byzantine rule of Istanbul.
  • For Emperor Nero to drink from it, and witnessed
  • the fountain, Many historical events and wars.



  • Choban Bridge is located at the former.
  • Ataturk Airport intersection and is surmounted.
  • by six arches with a length of 38 metres.
  • The bridge was built during the time of.
  • the Roman Empire and a waterway passed through it.
  • But it dried up over time, and.
  • the Chopin Fountain is located near it.


Ferran Palace:

  • In fact, only ruins remain of this palace.
  • which was built by the Ottomans.
  • and it was named after a Bosnian city.


Health and medical:

The region is filled with many medical centres, hospitals

and dispensaries.which contribute to providing treatment

to hundreds of thousands, and providing surgical operations

and medical care.Among these hospitals are :

  •   Istanbul State Physiotherapy Hospital.
  • Saadi Konuk Governmental Training and Research Hospital.
  • Bahcelievler Governmental Hospital.
  • Medical Park Private Hospital.
  • Istanbul Private Eye Hospital.
  • Aydin University Private Hospital.


Education and study:

  • Among the most important schools included in Bahceli Evler are:
  • Halil Bekmezji Secondary School
  • Dede Korkut High School
  • Bagcilar Middle School
  • Bahçeli Evler School
  • Kazem Karbakir School
  • Adnan Menderes School
  • Al-Ikhlas International Schools
  • It is also surrounded by the following universities:
  • Aydin University
  • Sabah al-Din Zaim University
  • Altinbas University
  • Kulture University
  • Ariel University Istanbul


Public Transport:

Bahçelievler constitutes an important transportation node in Istanbul.

It connects the road to Istanbul International Airport.

In addition to its connection with Istanbul’s tourist centers.

The most important means and stations of transportation there are:

  • Bahçelievler Metrobus Station
  • Bahçelievler Metro Station
  • Yeni Bosna Metrobus Station


Shopping and entertainment:

  • Metro Port Mall.
  • Children’s World Shopping Center
  • Metro Cash Amad Carry Mart.
  • Kocac Yeni Bosna Center.
  • Outlet Star City.
  • Omur Plaza.
  • Shirin Evler Osmanli.
  • Eskici Bazaar.
  • Bahçe Park Shopping Center.

بهشلي إيفلر

Housing and real estate investment:

  • Bahçelievler in istanbul biogeographical.
  • location factors contributed.
  • And It includes historical and.
  • archaeological tourist sites.
  • and all educational, health and.
  • entertainment service institutions.
  • And Its proximity to the vital.
  • centers of Istanbul.
  • the Bosphorus Strait on the one hand.
  • and Kucukcekmece Lake on the other hand.
  • By increasing demand and population
  • growth over more than half a century.
  • During the last ten years, government
  • interest in the region has increased.
  • Construction work, urban planning.
  • and the transfer of factories that were spread along.
  • the Basin Express commercial
  • road increased with it.
  • In preparation for changing
  • its industrial character
  • to an investment one, as it is one of the closest.
  • commercial roads to
  • Istanbul International Airport.
  • The number of real estate
  • projects has also increased.
  • providing many residential and investment
  • including apartments.
  • offices, commercial stores.
  • and a wide range of social, security.
  • entertainment, and technological services.


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