The Turkish city of Sapanca … Advantages of housing and real estate investment


The Turkish city of Sapanca

Housing and investment in the Turkish city of Sapanca constitute.

a requirement for investors, local, Arab and foreign.

wishing to own real estate.

This is due to the advantages and attractions that this Turkish city has.

General location:

  • Sapanca is located in the Turkish state of Sakarya.
  • It approaches the city of Istanbul to the west.
  • It is about 130 km away from the Asian centers of Istanbul.
  • One of the city’s most famous landmarks is Lake Sapanca, which extends over an area of ​​45 km.
  • The lake is surrounded by a green belt of hills and orchards.
  • Many rivers flow from it.
  • The city is also located in the middle of natural forests.
  • Which makes it a first-class tourist destination.

مدينة صبنجة

Advantages of living in Sapanca:

  • The city is a haven for those looking for tranquility and housing.
  • It is also considered a natural painting, with its lake.
  • mountains, and green patch.
  • It also includes small waterfalls and a cable car.
  • In addition to its natural atmosphere, Sapanca includes an integrated life.
  • Facilities for work and study, as well as shopping and services.
  • Real estate prices are low compared to Istanbul real estate.

The Turkish city of Sapanca

Infrastructure in Sapanca:

  • The tourist character of the city has raised the level of its infrastructure.
  • The Turkish government continues, in cooperation with the relevant ministries and institutions.
  • Especially the city municipality, developing.
  • it at all levels and providing it with more services.

Health and medical:

  • All hospitals are available in the city.
  • And health centers.
  • And dispensaries.
  • In addition to dental treatment centers.

Education and study:

  • There are elementary, middle and high schools.
  • In addition to Sapanca Private University.
  • With diverse educational specializations.
  • In addition to educational and scientific institutes.
  • As well as Sabanca Private University.

Shopping and entertainment:

  • One of the most famous markets in the city is Serdivan Park Mall.
  • It includes more than 100 shops.
  • In addition to restaurants and cafes.
  • Major brands.
  • It represents an important opportunity.
  • for shopping and entertainment.

Most important tourist attractions:

  • The charming Sapanca Lake.
  • Mount Kartepe, which is more than 1,600 meters high.
  • Tourist cable car.
  • Maşukiye village.
  • Kartebe Falls.
  • Gul Park stänga.
  • Masuki village.
  • Naturköy Village
  • Darega Park.

The Turkish city of Sapanca


مدينة صبنجة التركية

Advantages of buying an apartment in the Turkish city of Sapanca:

  • Housing and living in a charming nature.
  • Providing service facilities, including health.
  • educational, and recreational facilities.
  • The spread of public transportation, inside and outside the city.
  • Construction of several real estate projects.
  • by major construction companies.
  • Residential properties, such as apartments.
  • villas, and tourist cottages.
  • Commercial real estate, such as offices and stores.
  • Amazing natural views, either of the lake or the mountain.
  • Or green spaces.
  • Diversity of residential styles, between.
  • apartments for individuals and others for families.
  • Sapanca real estate prices are low compared to Istanbul real estate.
  • The city’s relative proximity to Istanbul.
  • It is located in the middle of many.
  • villages and beautiful countryside.

Real estate investment in the Turkish city of Sapanca:

  • A wide segment of foreign investors are attracted.
  • Toward the Turkish city of Sapanca, due to its investment advantages.
  • Its charming nature has led to the abundance of tourist properties there.
  • And therefore Attraction towards tourism investment.
  • In hotels, hotel apartments, and cottages.
  • Which would give the investor good profitable returns.
  • This is due to the city’s large attraction of domestic and foreign tourists.
  • At all times of the year, especially in the summer.

The Turkish city of Sapanca

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