Bayrampaşa in Istanbul .. comprehensive guide


Bayrampaşa in Istanbul comprehensive guide.

It is called the beating heart of Istanbul, as well as.

the ancient neighborhood that witnessed the fire, or the quiet area.

Where is Bayrampaşa located in Istanbul?

  • It extends Central Istanbul from the European side.
  • It is considered one of the most important centers of the city.
  • Surrounded by Istanbul’s tourist and historical landmarks.
  • It is close to the areas of Taksim, Fatih, Sultan Ahmed, and Eyüp.
  • It is also located in the middle of the E-5 and E-80 roads.
  • In addition to its alignment with the Golden Horn Gulf.
  • Its proximity to the Bosphorus Strait and bridges.

Bayrampaşa in Istanbul


موقع بيرم باشا

Housing features:

  • The region is known for the quality and.
  • development of its infrastructure.
  • Being one of the most prominent centers of Istanbul.
  • It has commercial, tourism and vital dimensions.
  • Several modern real estate complexes are spread throughout it.
  • Surrounded by public service facilities.
  • In addition to including, many social services.
  • What is striking about Bayrampaşa is that.
  • its real estate prices are reasonable.
  • Despite its location in an investment-rich location.
  • It also reaches its average rental prices.

Infrastructure in the Bayrampaşa area in Istanbul:

  • The Turkish government worked and is still working.
  • In cooperation with the relevant institutions.
  • From the ministries, bodies and municipalities of Istanbul and Bayrampaş
  • On including area all the service landmarks.
  • That meet the needs of the population.
  • and Visitors and tourists coming to.

Health and medical:

  • The area includes several hospitals and dispensaries.
  • In addition to several medical institutions surrounding it, such as:
  • Bayrampaşa Governmental Hospital
  • Kolan Hospital
  • Koç University Hospital
  • Esenler Maternity Hospital

Study and education:

  • Tema Academy
  • Samiha Secondary School
  • Yıldız Technical University
  • Şair Baki Primary School

Public Transport:

  • Several metro stations such as:
  • smuggler
  • Bayram Paşa- Maltepe
  • Therese DERE
  • Esenler
  • Otogar Bus Station
  • Several tram stations.
  • In addition to including medium and small buses.

Bayrampaşa in Istanbul

مواصلات بيرم باشا

The most prominent places in the Bayrampaşa area in Istanbul:

  • Forum Mall Istanbul.
  • IKEA store.
  • Sabri Akpınar Park
  • Metro Market store
  • Access Mall
  • Mega Center
  • Sports field

Bayrampaşa in Istanbul

Advantages of owning an apartment in Bayrampaşa:

  • It is considered one of the upscale neighborhoods
  • Provides modern residential and commercial real estate complexes.
  • Apartment prices in are Bayrampaşa asonable.
  • Ease of movement to and from the region, via various means of transportation.
  • The area includes all service facilities.
  • Close to Istanbul’s tourist attractions
  • In addition to its proximity to the Golden Horn Bay and the Bosphorus Strait
  • Istanbul International Airport is 38 km away.

Bayrampaşa in Istanbul

عقارات بيرم باشا

The investment importance of the Bayrampaşa area in Istanbul:

  • It is classified among the regions with multiple facets.
  • Active residential, commercial, tourism and industrial areas.
  • Which attracts local and foreign investors.
  • Average real estate prices there help increase demand for them.
  • There are residential and commercial properties available in the area.
  • Apartments and villas, in addition to offices and shops.
  • In addition to the availability of hotel apartments and hotels, and the possibility of investing in them.
  • Which gives the investor high profitable returns.
  • Due to the increased demand for the region by Turkish and foreign tourists.
  • Thanks to its exceptional location and features.


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